John Yeung - a leadership approach to content
Two things shaped the way I interact with people now: my music training in my early years and leadership theories that I learned as I grow up. As a classical musician, since my childhood, I am trained to understand qualities out of the unspoken and convey messages through subtlety. Music is about expressions and empathy. But in the digital space, not everything we tell could be understood. 
Countless user interfaces are not properly designed which turn great substance to waste. In times of hardship and confusion, a great leader inspires us to perform our natural best to reach our goals through humane interactions i.e. stimulation and feedback.
We need the same interactions for digital media. I am the one who will provide.
Lead the user, lead the market
If you want your products or services to leave a positive impression on your users, the overall user experience has to keep up with your fantastic branding. While you provide the solution to a specific problem, it takes for the customers to understand WHY you do that, HOW it can be done and WHAT it is that you are offering before they come forward. 
My work scope as a UX specialist ranges from knowing the pains and gains of users, designing the flow of use cases, to formulating analytics and SEOs. I apply my design thinking by empathising with users, giving them useful information, and motivating them to make the right action at the right time. These are exactly what leaders do and what we need, therefore I call it the leadership approach to content. Such design thinking would allow your products or services to excel your rivals and stand out in the competition.
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